The Hotel location can be seen at

Reservations have to be done of a first server basis sending an e-mail to indicating date of arrival and departure and number of people.

No charges will be applied with the exception of one night charges for not show-ups.

Cancellations prior to 24 hr of the expected arrival time will have no charges.

Parties of three or less (like, for instance, people coming alone) will get a fully equipped studio, kitchen included. Parties of three or more (i.e. a family with children) will get an apartment. Eventually parties of three could also get an apartment (if available). Both are very nice. "Conventional" rooms in the main hotel will be also available if somebody prefers so. This option costs the price listed below plus a supplement of 14€/night. Buffet is the rule for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Please make your booking by sending a confirmation e-mail to: indicating the reference “TEA-IS Summer School”

Hotel prices (negotiated with hotel)

We have obtained very competitive prices. Prices are the same for all accommodation type. 

Prices per person per night are following:

Breakfast only 40€
With half board (recommended) 45€
With full board 50€

  • If you want an individual room, you must add 14€/night to the regular price and you will stay in a conventional room or a studio, depending on availability.
  • If you share the room with a partner, you will stay in a conventional room or a studio, depending on availability.
  • Parties of three or more (i.e. a family with children) will get an apartment.
  • Children under 12 pay 50 % the regular price.
  • Extra tickets (for either lunch or dinner) will be about 18 € per person so at least half board is recommended.

Travel Reimbursements 

If you work in any of the TEA-IS member countries, you will get a reimbursement for expenses between 350 and 400 euros depending on available budget. We can cover up to 90 participants this way.

Members of the TEA-IS network please fill in and give in hand to the organizers in the venue the Travel Claim Form.

If you are from a country outside the network, you will have to cover your own expenses, except if you are specially invited.

Local attractions and social events

Coming to Málaga Province and Costa del Sol is seeing beautiful landscapes, tasting delicious food, and experiencing the warmth of people. It's also discovering a rich cultural heritage, fabulous beaches and coastal sites, and charming hinterland villages.

If you are staying around for a couple of weeks, you can also visit cities as Granada, Córdoba or Sevilla. You can learn more about Andalucía here.

Social events

We will hold a conference dinner at Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro.

One-day excursions to other Andalusian towns and North Africa

Interested participants can also arrange at the Hotel one-day trip to Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla or even Tánger or Ceuta in North Africa.

One-day excursions could be arranged at the excursion desk close to the registration desk upon request. Buses are leaving from Avenida de la Riviera, 50m from the Hotel Camino Real main entrance and the given dates and returning the same day.